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Diamond Grinding

Grinding is a process in which water-cooled diamond blades profile cut concrete or asphalt surfaces providing a bump free ride. Whether you are trying to meet quality ride specifications, eliminate wheel rutting or hop, reduce noise on roadways, or even provide a safe textured factory floor, our grinders are available in multiple sizes and are equipped to solve your problems.
Our grinders are configured in both 3’ wide and 4’ wide cutting widths to tackle whatever problem our customer may have. With high production machinery capable of grinding up to 1 ½” of material in a single pass there is no problem too big!
Over the years we have completed countless types of projects including:

  • Continuous Mainline Diamond Grinding in both concrete and asphalt for quality ride specifications.

  • Bump Grinding of new pavement to meet quality ride specifications.

  • Race Tracks and Drag Strip Grinding to eliminate wheel hop.

  • Bridge Deck Grinding to smooth the ride and extend the life of the bridge.

  • Noise Reduction Grinding for highways and bridges.

  • For pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us!


In Need of Diamond Grinding?

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