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Rumble Strips & Sinusoidal Corrugations

One of the most life saving roadway improvements from the last couple decades are shoulder and centerline corrugations, commonly known as rumble strips. Rumble strips are cut into both concrete and asphalt in varying patterns to alert drivers that they are exiting their lane of travel. Rumble strips save lives every day and can be installed on narrow shoulders.

Our machines are engineered to tackle a variety of patterns, aggregates and shoulder widths. We have the capability and experience to install corrugations on both shoulders and centerlines. Our machines are also adaptable to cut various patterns depending on the job. 

The newest addition to our toolbox is our ability to cut sinusoidal corrugations. Sinusoidal corrugations provide the same benefits of standard rumble strips without unnecessary noise pollution to the surrounding area. The design of these rumble strips maintains the familiar vibration while concentrating the noise to the driver of the vehicle.

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In Need of Rumble Strips?

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