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Opperman Grooving, Inc. is proud to boast about the range of services we can provide. Our meticulously maintained equipment is highly adaptable to offer solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Below is a list of current services we can provide.



Grinding is a process in which water-cooled diamond blades profile cut concrete or asphalt surfaces providing a bump free ride.

Gutter Pan


Frequently, despite contractors' best efforts, water has difficulty flowing all the way to the gutter pan or other drainage systems.


Grooving is a process in which precise channels are cut into a pavement surface using water-cooled diamond blades.


Texturing provides a non skid work surface to eliminate the hazard of slipping and falling causing injury to man or beast.



One of the most life saving roadway improvements from the last couple decades are shoulder and centerline corrugations, commonly known as rumble strips.

Grinding for


Many jobs call for pavement markings to be recessed in order to extend the life of the marking as well as to increase visibility of the marking.

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